General waterproofing

In the respective product description you will find the detailed care instructions for your model. Ideally, Wildling shoes are treated with waterproofing at regular intervals to preserve and refresh the water-repelling properties. An initial waterproofing of the whole shoe is not necessary – it was already done during production. Before wearing them for the first time, we only recommend waterproofing the edging – also from underneath! Please note: The edging can darken a little as a result.

We recommend waterproofing your Wildling shoes with our Wildling Shoes waterproofing spray or the Moisture Protection "Pearl".

Due to statutory labeling requirements, we unfortunately do not ship liquids – like our shoe care kit – outside Germany at the moment.

Tip: It is best to apply the Wildling Shoes waterproofing spray with a brush. If you spray the remedy, cover the rest of the shoe.

Please note: Our washi models and the Nebula model are designed to be water- and air-permeable and do not require any waterproofing.

For the "Beaver refoxed" model, we recommend initial impregnation of the upper material (see product description).

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