What kinds of imperfections might a second or third choice have?

Descriptions for Third choice can be found here.

Imperfect stitching:

The stitching on this pair of Wildling shoes is a bit quirky: It's slightly crooked or lopsided. However, it holds the fabric together beautifully.


This Wildling shoe is stained. Perhaps with a little patience it can be cleaned up. Or maybe it will simply remain what it is: a pair of Wildling shoes with a beauty mark.

Glue residue:

Some glue has gone astray on this pair of Wildling shoes.

Detaching sole:

On this Wildling shoe, the sole is coming off a bit. The shoes are still great to wear, but happy to receive attention from someone who has a good hand for repairs.

Imperfect material:

The material on this Wildling shoe has a minor defect. This might include a small hole or a scuff mark.

Different colored eyelets (Tanuki Yoro Gin):

A colorful mix of eyelets will make this pair of Wildling shoes something very special. The eyelets are all fully functional, but their color differs here and there. 

Fabric folds:

These Wildling shoes aren't even that old, but their fabric is a bit wrinkled. 

Patch flaw:

The patch of this Wildling shoe has a small quirk or hasn’t been perfectly glued.



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