“Tapir” shoe care kit

The shoe care kit “Tapir” keeps Wildlings well groomed and protected no matter what material they’re made from. It restores the splendor to your beloved Wildlings and equips them for the great outdoors. The cleaning solution removes even stubborn traces from your latest adventures, and the moisture protection increases the water repellency of your Wildlings and keeps you from getting wet feet.

And best of all: The products can be used safely on any material – even on wool! 

And here’s how:


Shake well before use and dilute with water at a ratio of one part cleaning solution to ten parts water. After that, use the sponge to make a lather and apply the lather to the shoes. To combat stains and stubborn soiling, simply apply a few drops of the cleaning solution directly to the moistened sponge and rub in until a fine lather is formed. Allow the product to take effect. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the process as required. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial that takes you through the complete process: 


Moisture protection

Shake well before use and then use the enclosed brush to apply to the shoe. Allow the product to dry. Moisten the seams thoroughly during application. Pay special attention to applying the product evenly, otherwise streaks can appear once it has dried. If a slight residue does form, you can easily remove it with the help of heat, such as using a blow dryer and a soft brush. Rinse the brush with clean water after use. Please note that this treatment may change or darken the color of the upper in some cases.


Please note: The Wildling Shoes fox imprint on the brush shies away from intense water contact, as it could be washed out.

Click here for step-by-step instructions: 


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