Read up on the fit of the Wildling shoe models from the current spring/summer collection here or on each product’s designated product page.

Even though all Wildling shoes are made using the same lasts, there can be differences in feel and fit due to the use of different uppers and linings and their individual properties. The cut of each model also plays a role in its fit and feel.

The following models run true to size as measured with the Fitkit:

  • Carota
  • Inkcap
  • Lotus
  • Medlar
  • Pine
  • Renette
  • Robinia
  • Yew
  • Zora

The following models run a little wider and also provide slightly more space for our feet in the front:

  • Chestnut 
  • Chokeberry

These models run slightly smaller:

  • Emmer

For growing feet, we recommend that you factor in the growth zone when choosing the size; if you are between sizes, we recommend choosing the next bigger size. Full-grown feet should choose the next bigger size.

Our Customer Service team will be happy to advise you personally any time.

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