What is the best way to clean and care for the new fall/winter models?

Each of the models has its own product description page in the online shop, where you can find detailed care instructions and tips for waterproofing your Wildling shoes. 

For the usual everyday dirt, dust, and mud, it’s generally fine to let the shoes dry and then gently brush them off or wipe them down with a damp cloth when needed. We do not recommend taking Wildling shoes for a spin in the washing machine, nor can we guarantee that they will survive the process unscathed. 

Not all Wildling shoe models require the same care. That's why, there are some special points to consider for the following models:

The model Zora may stain light fabrics when wet and should be allowed to dry thoroughly after cleaning with a damp cloth or an involuntary downpour.

You can find shoe care products for your Wildling shoes here.

Video tutorials explaining how to waterproof, cleaning and care, as well as how to insert the elastic laces are available on the Wildling Shoes YouTube channel.

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