How to best clean and care for the models from the Autumn/Winter collection?

In their respective product descriptions in the webshop you can find detailed care instructions and tips for waterproofing your wild companions.

For regular dirt, dust and mud, it is generally sufficient to let the shoes dry if necessary and then gently brushing them out and – if required – cleaning them with a damp cloth. We do not recommend putting your Wildling shoes into the washing machine, nor can we guarantee that they will survive the undertaking uscathed.

Not all Wildling shoes have the same needs when it comes to caressing and maintenance. Therefore, there are some special considerations for the following models:

For Grizzly and Barn Owl, brushing with a bristled brush should be avoided, as this would roughen the fibers and further rub in dirt. In addition, threads could be pulled out. In addition, the microfiber edging of these models darkens slightly when waterproofed.

We do not recommend cleaning Hawk, Elderberry, Caribou and Wapiti with a wet cloth, as the special used look of these models tends to discolor when brushed or wiped with a damp cloth. Additionally, the shoes should be left to dry thoroughly after waterproofing and should not come in contact with light-colored fabrics when damp or wet.

Products for the care of your Wildling shoes can be found here.

Video instructions for waterproofing, cleaning and care as well as the insertion of elastic laces can be found on the Wildling Shoes YouTube Channel.

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