Can Wildlings be worn during the colder times of year, too, even with their minimal soles?

Yes, they can! Have you seen our autumn/winter models? 

Here are a few more tips for how to keep your feet cozy warm in all kinds of weather:

  1. Movement:
    Keep moving in your minimal shoes, which will make your foot muscles work more and increase your circulation so your feet stay warm.
  1. Sufficient rolling space:
    Make sure you have enough room in your Wildlings. In particular, it’s crucial that the toes have plenty of leeway to roll during movement, since this also serves as a protective air cushion in cold weather.
  2. Thick socks and extra insoles:

If you want things a little warmer, you can wear thick socks and/or an extra insole. Keep this in mind when choosing your size, so that your feet will still have plenty of room to move. 

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