How do I figure out what shoe size I need to order?

You can find all information about your Wildling shoe size and the easiest way to determine it here.

To determine the right Wildling size, we recommend that you use our Fitkit  templates for measuring.

Please make sure that the control field on the printout is exactly 20 mm long, otherwise the proportion shifts and the measurement result will be incorrect. It is best to use a protractor to double check the measurements. You may have to uncheck the "Fit to page" option or set the scale to 100% before printing. 

We recommend wearing the thickest socks that you’ll wear later on with your new companions, both when measuring and later when trying on the Wildlings. Alternatively, you can also measure your feet using our tried and tested method and compare the results with the size chart. If you are in doubt or have any further questions, our customer service team will be happy to help you! 


  1. Using Fitkit to determine the right size

First choose your normal or current shoe size and print out the corresponding template. Please make sure that you set "Scale" to 100% in the settings for the print file and select "Print without margins" so that the printout is not skewed. Check the printout afterwards by re-measuring the control field. If it is not exactly 20 mm long, please adjust the scaling again.

Then fold the sheet along the indicated area, position it against an edge, such as a closed door, and position the foot on the sheet as described.

If the shoe size isn't a perfect fit according to the template, simply repeat the procedure with the template for the next larger or smaller size.



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