Where does a Wildling shoe get its typical shape? 

Anatomical shape for natural toe freedom
The Wildling last – the base form of the shoe – is designed according to an anatomical foot shape with a natural width that is based on a strong, healthy foot. The shape provides feet with the space they need to develop in a healthy way. 

By walking naturally in Wildlings with the additional space inside the shoe, it’s even possible to reverse the initial signs of foot degeneration and malformation. The difference to the shape of conventional shoes is particularly noticeable in the toe area. In Wildlings, the big toe is given space to assume its natural angle and fulfil its important function of distributing body weight during powerful forward strides and building a strong arch.

As your muscles become stronger, your foot may become a little wider. The toes start to straighten out again and the arch of the foot becomes more pronounced.

Fits both narrow and wide feet: Because of their healthy width, the shoes also fit naturally wide feet, which are typically confined in conventional shoes. 

In our blog article, Wildling customers share how their life has improved in Wildlings. 

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