How do I clean and care for my Wildling shoes?

In each product description in thewebshop, you will find detailed care instructions for your Wildling shoes. We recommend cleaning in two steps:

You can carefully brush out coarse, dried dirt with a brush – for example with Pumbaa.

Please note: For some dyed fabrics, the denim effect can be enhanced by strong and frequent brushing. For certain outer materials, you should also brush carefully so that the material does not roughen up too much. You will find the relevant information in the product description of the respective model.

Usually, this first step is enough. If your Wildling shoes are still dirty, we also offer the Tapir Shoe Care Kit. It can be used for care and protection of Wildling Shoes models made of many materials, including wool. It makes beloved Wildling shoes appear in a new splendor again and prepares them perfectly for being outdoors. The cleaner removes stubborn traces of adventure, and the moisture protection adds water-repellent to your shoes, thus protecting against wet feet.

Due to statutory labeling requirements, we unfortunately do not ship liquids – like our shoe care kit – outside Germany at the moment.

Please note the respective care recommendations for your shoes.

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