What are the advantages of walking/running in minimal shoes? 

Super flexible for unlimited freedom of movement
Wildlings adapt to the wearer’s individual foot shape like a second skin, and their flexibility enables unrestricted freedom of movement. When we select the materials, we make sure that they are soft, supple, and flexible – so the shoe takes the shape of the foot, not the other way around.

Walking barefoot or running in minimal footwear brings a number of advantages, including: 

  • increased mobility
  • strengthening and increased range of movement for the foot muscles
  • building the foundation for healthy foot development
  • better circulation in the feet 
  • a better feel for the terrain also results in better balance and surefootedness, since your body can find the best way to adjust to the ground conditions 

This allows you to maintain a natural gait and your joints can move freely and naturally, carrying out their task smoothly and efficiently.

(1) Why walk barefoot? 

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