What do I need to keep in mind as I become accustomed to minimal shoes? 

Take it slow. Running in Wildlings should be phased in step by step. Listen to your gut, or better yet, your feet... We don’t recommend going on long or strenuous hikes in the first weeks.

In most cases, and with normal activities, people make the transition without experiencing symptoms of overexertion. With time, the body becomes accustomed to the new walking experience and the demands, and the muscles become increasingly stronger. 

If you switch to Wildlings after decades of wearing conventional shoes, your body might react to the change in some cases. You might feel sore muscles as a result of the increased physical demands, or a pull in your back or knees, or other similar reactions. 

Mild symptoms can be a part of the process of reactivating dormant muscles and ligaments in the feet. If the symptoms persist, we recommend contacting a specialist. 

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