Should I waterproof (e.g. with waterproofing spray) my Wildlings before wearing them? 

Particularly during times of high precipitation, a lot of people are eager to apply a waterproofing spray, but not all Wildling models are suitable for that treatment. 

As a general rule, you should bear in mind that your wild companions can only be water-repellent and not waterproof, even if you treat them with a waterproofing agent.

You will find detailed care instructions for your Wildling model in their particular product description.

Please observe the following guidelines regarding waterproofing:

How often?
Ideally, you should give your Wildlings a water repellent treatment before wearing them for the first time, as well as at regular intervals in order to retain and restore their water-repellent properties.

What product should I use to waterproof my Wildlings?
You can find our environmentally friendly Wildling waterproofing spray right here in our shop.
As an alternative, you can also use an waterproofing product that you already have at home, If the manufacturer recommends it for these materials. 

What should I bear in mind when treating my Wildlings with a waterproofing agent?
The microfiber edging and the recesses in the sole in particular should be thoroughly treated. This can be done very carefully using a small brush. 

Which Wildling models should not, or only partially, be waterproofed? 




The Tanuki models are designed to be both air and water permeable. And we enjoy the feeling of going without water repellent coatings! (Which don’t make a difference with this particular material anyway...)

  2.Wildlings with a woolen upper material

Wildlings whose upper material is or contains wool should not be completely impregnated – only their microfiber edging.

Wool has water repellent properties by nature – additional waterproofing will damage the structure of the wool. If the natural protection starts to diminish after some time and the shoe feels clammy from inside, you can re-grease the shoe. 

You can find out how to do that right here.

3. Waxed models

With waxed models, too, the upper material should be spared during the waterproofing process and the treatment should be limited only to the microfiber edging and recesses in the sole.


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