Group Discount

What is the "Group Discount"?

For those who want to share the Wildling feeling, there is an automatic 20% discount for purchases of five or more pairs. That is the "Group Discount". 

How does the discount work? Do I need a code?

The discount is automatically applied at checkout once five or more pairs of shoes are in your cart, therefore a code is not needed.

On which products can I apply the "Group discount"?

The "Group Discount" is valid until further notice, but not on sale days. In addition, it cannot be combined with other discount codes or promotions. See also our general terms and conditions at § 6b Discount Codes

And how does the “Group Discount” work in the event of a return?

If an order falls below five pairs of shoes when the return is triggered, you will lose the "Group Discount". The outstanding amounts will be withheld from the return refund.

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